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591-593 S. WASHINGTON ST. - SOLD: , Denver, CO 80209

Property Address: Denver, CO 80209
Property Type: Residential
As first time homebuyers, my clients are saavy and so wise beyond their years, they chose to invest and start their wealth building journey by buying a side-by-side duplex in the heart of Wash Park as their first homes. They chose a less traditional path with an entrepreneurial perspective, that most 1st time Buyers don’t take and they purchased a charming multi-family property as their first homes, instead of two single family homes.

They are a wonderful example and demonstrate that your wealth building journey can start at any time and any age! I love that they are taking this journey together as sisters, new homeowners and next door neighbors!

As a result of my negotiations the Purchase price was reduced by $28,000, and the Seller credited the Buyer’s an additional $11,000! Congratulations to my clients!

Thank you to Erin & First American Title for a smooth closing and thank you Erin for being an awesome lender!