CRE Ep15: All About Mentoring

Rachel Adler moved out of her family home at 17, worked to support herself and purchased her first home at 19. In working with her real estate agent knew immediately – this is what she wanted to do. Three months later she had her real estate license and hit the ground running. Now, a decade later is she is a top producer in Seattle Washington, was awarded a national 30 Under 30 award with Realtor Magazine, and is the managing broker of a successful team of eight.


Listen in on this special episode in which Rachel and Kyle go in depth about the 7 types of mentors and how they can add value to your life, and help you become your own great leader and mentor;  (1) Wise Leader (2) Life Coach (3) Teacher (4) Peer Influence (5) Confidante (6) Self Help (7) Inner Mentor.

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Quote selected for this episode of our show:

“For most of us, all it takes is someone believing in you, and giving you a shot.” – Rachel Adler 

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